Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is  Safe For Dogs Eat Watermelon?

can dogs eat watermelon

can dogs eat watermelon? a lot of dog’s owner ask is good for a dog to eat human foods especially watermelon.

The short answer is yes, briefly  Dogs can Eat Watermelon; particularly useful keep them hydrous throughout a hot summer’s day. This Brobdingnagian fruit has lots of very good nutrients (e.g. vitamins and minerals) that square measure nice for your dog’s health and welfare. However, it’s vital to know:

  • Rinds and seeds shouldn’t be consumed by your dog as they’ll cause epithelial duct problems (e.g. diarrhea, enteric blockage, and upset stomachs).

Considered by several to be a super-fruit it’s completely packed with: vitamin A, C B6, and B1, calcium, and atomic number 19.

According to us Department of Agriculture, the delicious fruit solely has 50 calories per cup (e.g. one slice) as ninety-two is water.

Next time the temperatures begin to soar, and you reach for the fruit to feed your dog, check that to grab a contemporary slice of pineapple or watermelon to stay her hydrous with a healthy and engaging treat.

If you are doing arrange to feed your pooch this juicy fruit, carry on reading to be told about:

  • How Many watermelons will a Dog Eat, and,
  • Which elements of a Watermelon must you Feed to Your Dog?

How Many watermelons Can a Dog Eat?

can dogs have watermelon

There is associate recent speech “too abundant of a decent thing” (i.e. excess will cause harm). As humans, we all know this all too well with chocolate, alcohol and alternative taboo food things. however will an excessive amount of damage your dog?

Like with most fruits, there’s a natural imbalance of sure minerals and nutrients in Watermelon. Watermelon has good source of vitamin A, B6 and C which suggests you ought to not systematically feed your dog with fruits.

A better plan is to use watermelon throughout hot days, to assist hydrate Fido, or to use it as a souvenir for positive behavior throughout a coaching session.

Experts recommend that in your dog’s diet, solely 100% of calorie consumption ought to return through treats or snacks. additionally, fruit and vegetables shouldn’t frame over two-hundredth of a dog’s diet. Finally

For a dog advisement twenty-five pounds, she ought to consume between five hundred to 750 calories day by day relying upon their age, physical activity and if they need been altered.

If you wish to use it as a treat, mistreatment the most 100% rule, she ought to eat fifty calories of watermelon a day; that is one hundred fifty grams in total.

However, with the high doses of vitamin A and B6, this might exceed the suggested vitamin A urged allowance (see table below)

Daily Dog Nutritional Guidelines
Watermelon nutrients
(per 150 grams)
Dog suggested nutrition
(weighing 25 pounds)
Calories 50 50 to 75 calories as a treat
Vitamin A 865 micrograms 380 micrograms
Vitamin B6 100 milligrams 100 milligrams

A better serving size would be that interprets to around between fifty and seventy-five grams of contemporary tasty watermelon.

Health Benefits for Your Dog

can dogs have watermelon

One of the most effective aspects is simply what proportion water content it has; over 90%! therefore on those hot days, when your dog is panting heavily, you’ll be able to move and facilitate hydrate them with some recent watermelon.

Whilst being ninety-two water is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory drug properties due to carotenoid which provides it its red color.

There square measure 2 major vitamins that your dog can get from uptake this fruit:

  1. Vitamin an is a vitamin utilized by your dog to support bone growth, copy and vision. An axerophthol deficiency ends up in inferior growth, moon blindness and procreative problems.
  2. Vitamin B6 (i.e. pyridoxine) is employed in over a hundred chemical reactions in your dog’s body to make amino acids that support healthy coats and cut back dental caries.

If you haven’t been convinced of its super-fruit and healthy snack standing, it additionally has necessary minerals like K and metallic element yet as fiber.

Which Parts of a Watermelon Can a Dog Eat?

can dog eat rind
Don’t allow your dog to eat rind or seeds from the watermelon as these are choke hazards.

Exercise caution once feeding this juicy fruit to your dog; there are 2 elements from a watermelon that shouldn’t be fed to your dog: the rind (i.e. skin) and seeds (i.e. pips).

The reason why rind and seeds are dangerous for dogs is as a result of they’re obvious choke hazards and your dog will have a problem digesting them. while the seeds may be consumed by larger dogs, thanks to the reduced probability of ileus, it’s higher to simply avoid them altogether.

Before you worship a juicy snack to your dog, confirm to scan the table below for a fast outline of the reader’s queries.

Summary of which parts of watermelon are safe for a dog to eat
Watermelon Part Dog Safe?
Can dogs eat watermelon rind/watermelon skin? No, whilst watermelon rind is not poisonous to your dog, it is very difficult for your dog to digest.
Can dogs eat watermelon seeds? No, the seeds can cause intestinal obstruction; especially in smaller dogs.
Can dogs eat watermelon fresh? Yes, make sure to use the feeding guide above to get the perfect portion size.
Can dogs eat frozen watermelon? Yes, make sure to use our preparation guide below to lock in the taste!

If by accident, you notice your dog has managed to get into the trash and eat the seeds or rind – don’t panic. If they have chewed and swallowed the food, then you will want to wait and observe if they have an intestinal blockage. You will see obvious symptoms within 24 hours such as vomiting and lethargy.

Preparing and Serving Watermelon for a Dog to Eat

can dogs eat watermelon rind

In its simplest type (small recent cubes) watermelon is incredibly simple to organize. Watch this video, or follow the easy six steps below:

  1. Cut it into 2 equal halves
  2. Place each halves flat face down and take away the skin (i.e. rine)
  3. Remove the highest off
  4. Cut the flesh into even one-inch slices
  5. Turn it through ninety degrees and cut the flesh into even one-inch slices
  6. Dice the parallelogram slices into cubes

The best thanks to feeding watermelon are contemporary and sugarless in tiny cubes. check that the seeds square measure removed before feeding your pooch. If you would like to induce a touch a lot of inventive once serving watermelon you’ll be able to freeze it.

Frozen watermelon snacks, instead of dicing/cubing the watermelon place the one full cup of slices during a mixer. merely mix with a 1:1 quantitative relation of water and pour the smoothie into square block trays. Freeze for 2 hours and serve.

Giving your dog an excessive amount of fruit might end in looseness of the bowels (i.e. loose stool), we’ve got already spoken regarding avoiding the skin, rind and seeds.


Fruit should only make up a very small part of your dog’s diet through their treats and snacks calorie intake. This is typically around 50 to 100 calories a day depending upon the size of your dog.


Yes, watermelon may be a safe, natural and attractive treat for Fido. you must still exercise caution once feeing him. Use the portion size higher than to work out what quantity to inclose one serving; aim for a serving size of fifty grams for smaller dogs and sixty-four grams for larger dogs.

Keep in mind the elements of this super-fruit that are safe for your dog to eat (e.g. flesh) and people that aren’t (e.g. skin, rind and seeds). Avoiding skin and seeds can cut back the possibilities of your dog having epithelial duct problems.

Remember that you simply ought to introduce new food to your dog’s diet slowly and in little parts, and forever watch them consumption the fruit to form positive they chew and digest it properly.

Have you fed your dog watermelon within the past, does one have any favorite recipes for a dog treat recipes victimization this fruit to share with the U.S.A.? Share them with us within the comment section below.

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